Poll #1

Name: timothy kelly
Comment: People lead by example, especially when in regards to promoting new cultural norms and displaying honor. Attacking people who've used horrendous methods, to then convince them not to use such methods, is redundant and even further exacerbates the tensions and reluctancy of anyone whom opposes that view, from listening. Be the change you wish to see in the world...not force it.
Country: United States

Name: Jerry
Comment: We must stop the insane banksters and other supporters of wars!
Country: Puerto Rico

Name: Matías Gastón
Comment: I don't support war because war is the cause of survival, competition and hate to another and is because of the war within ourselves, the friction and conflict, instead of really create a solution that is best for all equally as life.
Country: Argentina

Name: Bastian Neumann
Comment: of course not, I support Life only
Country: germany

Name: Tim Gormley
Comment: War to Peace is not an acceptable solution. It is abuse in itself and history has shown that fighting fire with fire only breeds more fire. People now more than ever have access to weapons, with weapons becoming more deadly in their nature. 

It does not make any sense to solve a problem by firing a gun or destroying something. Everyone knows the most effective solutions stem from a solid understanding. 

People are not stupid, and they weren't born with the a seed of violence in their blood. They were bread that way, by the way those before them lived their lives. If we stop the disastrous war now, our children won't ever even have to give it a fighting chance. 

Country: Canada

Name: Gian Robberts
Comment: War in itself is a crime against humanity.
Country: South Africa

Name: Joao Jesus
Comment: I say NO to all wars!
I say YES to LIFE!
Country: England

Name: Graciela Rodríguez
Comment: Me levanto por un Mundo Sin Guerra donde cada Pensamiento, Palabra y Obra sea lo Mejor para Todos. (I stand for a No War World where each Tought, word and deed is the Best for All)
Country: México

Name: Avery Williams
Comment: War Is Hell There is no need for war in the 21 century !!!
Country: Canada

Name: Ann Van den Broeck
Comment: We have been fighting for ages, for ever and ever. Because we never presented a solution best for all. And only when we do will fighting end.
Country: België

Name: Nick knight
Comment: The government only ever has intended in history to essentially take control of others, if course some are 'less corrupt' lol hence the opening of having to inevitably control due to the fact that we have a world system of controls and therefor we will be lead into 1/10 win, and all these people in power want is more, and by that they put no limits on abusing others Nd causing mass suffering. Fuck this war in Syria, its all a set up from the get go, and we don't need women men and children suffering extensively anymore, bows the time to change the world for what's is best for all life, and this is only causing worse consequences than have already manifested, and in the end, the people in power will destroy themselves within themselves, so what the fuck are we going to do about the current world situation? FUCK WAR IN GENERAL, AND FUCK HAVING A WAR IN SYRIA!!!!!!
Country: Texas

Comment: Peace is for everyone on Earth; war just to satisfy egos of those at power at either part of the conflict, whose at either side also sacrifies human lives by deciding to set-up circumstances for war to take place, without assuming individually and collectivelly any responsability in front of all human kind.
Country: Mexico

Name: Genevieve
Comment: War is Good For Nothing.
Country: United States

Name: brigitte crombez
Comment: stop all war
Country: belgium

Name: Bennie Pietersen
Comment: The USA should realise that they are not the police of the world and should start respecting other countries as sovereign independent states with their own laws, policies and programmes. The UN should step up and review their peace mandate and autonomy and stop being overruled and decided for by the USA. The US has bombed over a dozen countries over the years, rationalising their sick barbaric acts of murder and torture against God and humanity, gathering more and more enemies in the process. And little puppet puppies like France emulate their sick example. Let others live the same way you wish to live as well. Peace is won by a handshake. Not a granade. The world does not belong to you. Together, we are the world.
Country: Namibia

Name: jean paul Hekkelman
Comment: Make love, not war
Country: The Netherlands

Name: Cerise Poolman
Comment: Stop all war
Country: South Africa

Name: Astrid Aase Steinnes
Comment: We cant force democracy on other people of the world. But we can support people, unions and organisation that fight for peace and democracy in their own lands. And we can help them build up schools, librarys and healthcare that are necessary to form a sustainable democracy.
Country: Norway

Name: Ilmari Pietikainen
Comment: I happen to be against the military intervention to Syria -- because the ruling Syrian alleviate rule has been relatively tolerant for religious minorities and is also secular --
all that compared to what mainly Islamist insurgents are and would be if in power. 

But how could so different people live in the same country peacefully together -- even with any democracy. I think the possible peace agreement should include division of Syria as has been partially happened in Iraq with no massacres of civilians in the autonomous area of the Kurdish people.
Country: Finland

Reply to: Ilmari Pietikainen

People from various ethnic and religion backgrounds in Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc. used to live together for a long time. What had tied them together was their Motherland that provided them with their Fundamental Human Birth Rights (shelter, water, food, health care, education). When the Fundamental Human Birth Rights are in place, people live together in Peace and Harmony regardless of their ethnic and religious background. At the end of the day all religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc.) have One Basic Principle: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, also different ethnicities prefer to live together rather than live in division simply because they find synergy in living together. Therefore different ethnicities and religions are not root cause of the evils we are seeing around the world.


The Devil is Capitalism that is built upon the Ideology of “Capitalism Survives through War”. And the Mechanism to reach this goal is: “Divide and conquer”. Therefore their Propaganda Machine (Media) keep feeding the public that the root cause of the conflicts around the world is in ethnicity and/or religion to divert the public’s attention from the destructive Ideology they are perpetuating through Occupation and Exploitation of Natural and Human Resources.


Iraq and Libya both had Nationalized Oil Industry and Independent Monetary System before Occupation, Now they don’t, because the first thing that is done after Occupation is Exploitation of Natural Resources through a newly established central bank that is no longer nationalized. Even within an Occupied land (e.g. Iraq) further Division is encouraged because then the exploitation gets easier and deeper. And what’s going in Syria is essentially the same thing, Syria geopolitically is playing a major role in the flow of Energy (specially Gas) to Europe – whomsoever controls it, can influence Europe.


But this Ideology is NOT sustainable because it is built upon GREED. And GREED has no LIMIT meaning when there is nothing left to conquer, no resources to exploit and no one to enslave, then the snake starts biting its own tail until nothing is left = the annihilation of humanity.


So we suggest deep investigations of history in respect to the actual causes of wars around the world – and interestingly the root cause is nothing else but money/greed. So we suggest that people around the world start urging their government to stop participating in wars and instead allocate the war budgets to the citizens’ Fundamental Human Birth Rights. When those rights are fulfilled, every citizen turns into a Capitalist, but a Capitalist that does not seek its survival through war, but rather a Capitalist that understands that’s its survival is intertwined in maintaining peace and harmony.


Nations against and pro war

One comment

  1. All war is terrorism! Check the records = history, war does not bring peace, not a lasting stable peace. No Syrian invasion is acceptable !

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